Wooden Box Packaging

- Oct 21, 2017 -

The ancients have "买椟还珠"( keep the glittering casket and give back the pearls to the seller -- show lack of judgmentchoose the wrong thingbuy the casket without the jewels;) story is about the wooden box packaging. Wooden box packaging, I believe we are not familiar with it Now popular in a variety of packaging, wooden box count is one of the best. What about the wooden box? The Wooden box, as the name suggests for the wood made of the container, the surface coated with paint, there are many kinds of materials, generally low point for the poplar, willow pine and other common wood, high point is like incense, red sandalwood, oak and other valuable timber.

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So what is the benefit of the wooden box packaging?

  One of the benefits: wooden box with other gift boxes do not have the ancient texture, the most able to reflect the charm of ancient Chinese culture, its work is also crafted, very particular about. The box itself has a high economic value and ornamental value.

  Benefit two: wooden box can be more solid than other materials, gift box, so as to protect the valuables within the box from external damage.

Benefit three: more durable than other materials, and even reusable.

  Benefits of the four: packaging gift box in the use of wooden box, to enhance the grade of gifts, so that we have more face. Such as wine, precious jewelry and so on.

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