When You Meet A Client Who Is Unreasonably Troublesome, How To Deal With Them? Keep Silent Or Fight Back?

- Mar 10, 2017 -

When you see this topic, how do you think? As a salesman, it is commonplace in our career, especially when you meet different kinds of clients in your business. But how to deal with them troubles every salesman. Some will keep silent to gain orders from them, and some will fight back even though they will miss the client. In my opinion, I can’t accept client who doesn’t respect me. You got my position?

Let’s go back to our topic. Now that it’s a competition, there will be pro side and con side. Each side with four debaters. Keep silent represents pro side and fight back represents con side. This competition is just an exercise. As my colleague, Yvonne, Leo, Serena and Steve will represent our company to attend the real competition. Although it’s an exercise, we need to take it seriously. Actually, after graduated from college, we nearly forget how to debate and what are the rules and process. After preparing and learning, the competition was hold as planned on last Saturday. In the competition, I played an role as pro side, which is not my willing, like I mentioned previously. But everyone should challenge themselves, so do I .


After an intense debate, no side won. But all of us learnt about the process and gathered some points which will be helpful for the approaching competition. I believe our debaters will shine in the competition. Let’s encourage and cheer them.


Come on!!



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