The 10th Anniversary Of The Company's Trip To Chengdu

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Tourism is a kind of hard and tired to find happiness and relaxation and experience the experience of growth. Is a good opportunity to grow knowledge and experience. The ancients said: "go to the monuments can look at the ancients in this land left a variety of relics, to understand our understanding of the profound Chinese culture, learn more knowledge." To the natural scenic area, can directly face the strange landscape of nature, cultivate sentiment growing knowledge. To the bustling metropolis can see the big city of fashion and prosperity and human attitudes.


Nearly three hours of flight, the plane bumps down. Overlooking the wings of the lights under the lights, ears, polite broadcast tips, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to the.

The memory of the Shuangliu Airport or in the Wenchuan earthquake at the time of the television broadcast. And now feel better than the capital after the first two, two terminal to the momentum of more.

Taxi driver carrying half of the ordinary half Sichuan and we chat, I told him, you say Sichuan words Well, we can understand. Came to Sichuan, listening to authentic Sichuan, then feel like Romans do.

Chengdu Airport from the urban area is not very far, less than half an hour to enter the urban area. Behind the window under the windows of high-rise buildings, neon re-color shine. Completely a modern metropolis, and before the mind of the land of the country's conjecture is very different.

To Chengdu, the first wish to take her spicy goods Before the trip is an important preparatory work is to check the type of snacks online, location. After a short break, facing the south of Sichuan sunny, began in Chengdu urban self-help to find hot brigade. Busy group words

The width of the alley is not my understanding from the perspective of human history, but can only know that here can eat pure Chengdu snacks. And to the width of the alley, is not attracted to taste, but the visual. Large and small, patchwork is the high threshold of the house, most of the Mentor closed, open most of the modern flavor of the various restaurants, teahouses, painting and the like. Wide alley, narrow alley stroll two laps, in a small shop to eat a bowl of 13 yuan a duo side, that is not as good as Master Kong spicy noodles taste, eat, freak and return.


Came to the Kam is sunset, at the door took two spots photos, into the streets of the lantern is the beginning. In the online understanding of Kam is the evening to eat snacks, see Sichuan Shu beauty. Beauty did not see, but here is really covered with a few snacks in Sichuan, to the end of the alley, is greatly satisfied with the appetite.

Under the night of the Kam, red paper lanterns extravagant Li Youyou, dip the ancient streets of the fleeting fleeting fleeting.




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