How To Make A Cigar Humidor?

- Mar 07, 2017 -

Before I joined into Weilongxin family, I never know what’s cigar humidor or even how to make it.

When I came into our sample showroom, a variety of wooden cigar humidors jumped into my eyes, so beautiful, so delicate.we believe that you will feel curious and excited if you were there,here a pic to make up for your absence.

By this time, do you want to know more about a cigar humidor, just follow me.

wooden boxes.jpg 

Main parts of a cigar humidor includes box, hygrometer, humidifier, wood try, and other metal accessories. MDF is main body box material, then we stick the cedar or mahogany, or burl veneer over the sanding MDF. According to different customers’ request, we can make different perfect ones finally.


Here, we especially put our emphasis on humidor quality, give our customer a 100% thoughtful service is the key point we were rated the best supplier in this industry so far.

Here is a picture can tell you what’s a cigar humidor, to ensure a best favor for your 


cigars, why not buy a one right now?

Following that, we need let you know how to make a cigar humidor.

make proess.jpg 

First step: cut the MDF boards according to different size cigar humidor.


Second step: Sanding all the boards.


Third step: Stick the veneer or photo paper,or wood grain paper.


Forth step: Painting with matt, glossy, or piano finish treatment.


Fifth step: Silkcreen logo, hot stamp logo etc.


Sixth step: Pollishing the box, then final painting.


Seventh step:Packing, wrapped with EPE bag, into a individual white box or gift box,

six sides polyron into a outer carton.


During these steps, there are many items sanding, polishing, painting.


To visualize this, we should attach our production process picture for your checking.


Is that clear? The best way to know weilongxin is coming to visit us.


Glad to be here, like home, and we believe you will have the same feeling when you come in.

wooden box.jpg

Like a family to be together!!!!

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