How To Keep Dry And Avoid Moldy When You Have A Pretty Wooden Box?

- Mar 16, 2017 -

Wooden crafts products always meet damp and moldy.But how to solve this headache problem?Let’s see the method as below:

1.The way to keep dry

The main way is depend on the outside packing,it is important to choose suitable packing material when you packed it.Also,don’t forget to do some action on the material which is easy to be wet.So It need add suitable pad to avoid moisture and put into desiccant then packed it sealed.

Above is the tips how to keep dry when you have a wooden box,it’s main theory is use anti-moisture material isolated the moisture to avoid bow to be wet.

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2.The skill to avoid moldy

People always use desiccant to absorb the inner box moisture which can improve the moisture to normal level.these ways always use to food packing,wine box packing,tea packing.

To learn more skill to keep a wooden gifts box,Welcome collect our web. 

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