CNY Holiday Just Ended, And We Are Ready To Work Again.

- Mar 03, 2017 -

In Guangdong, every company, every factory and every shop or store will open on a white day, which is a symbol of good beginning. It will bring good luck and fortune for the whole year.


Just like our company and factory, opened at 9:00am on the ninth day of the first lunar month. We gathered at the gate of factory and set off the firecrackers to celebrate this moment. Except firecrackers, the most important thing is LaiSee. Do you know LaiSee? It is also a symbol of fortune. No matter whether you know, once you get it, you won’t reject.


Such a happy moment, taking photos is so important, especially for ladies. I really can’t wait to share their beautiful pictures with you guys. Are you ready? Go!!!

wooden box factory

After enjoying the happy opening ceremony and beauty girls, it’s time to focus on your work. This is a new year, let’s work smarter, more focused, more detailed and harder than last year or ever before.

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